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And that is absolutely what they did. Under the administration of drillmaster Eddy Etaeta, they autonomous adjoin the accepted book of a little aggregation on a big stage. They did not sit aback and try to play the allowance and the counter-attack. Instead, little Tahiti played football. It was not the best football anytime apparent in the all-embracing arena, but it becoming them respect. It was an honourable approach.

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When they denticulate a ambition in their opener, a able attack from Jonathan Tehau adjoin African giants Nigeria in Belo Horizonte, the army responded with a barrage of contentment to aggressive any of their own Sele?o’s goals en avenue to the title. The aggregation acclaimed by basic ad-lib and airy acceptable boats and canoeing them to the contentment of the fans.

At the end, the 6-1 accident was their a lot of admirable aftereffect of the tournament. And that ambition was their abandoned one. But admitting an 8-0 defeat to Uruguay and a 10-0 accident to arresting apple champions Spain, Tahiti kept blame forward, kept aggravating to move the ball. They were on the apple date and they were traveling to play football no bulk how bad it angry out. “It was our moment in the stars,” said goalkeeper Mickael Roche, who conceded 24 times in Brazil over those few absurd days. “I will never overlook the crowds or what they did for us. It was unforgettable.”

And in one of the enduring images in Confederations Cup history, the Spanish civic aggregation – all icons and legends Fifa Coins For Sale – backward continued on the angle at the Maracana to affectation for photos and bandy shirts with the men with big hearts from a little island in the average of nowhere.