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Manchester City skipper Vincent Kompany admits it will be a aberrant activity adverse derby rivals United on the US bout in Houston.

The centre-back knows added than a lot of just what a derby agency accepting been battling them aback 2008.

So even admitting Thursday’s bout at the NRG is a pre-season game, he acknowledges it will backpack an added edge.

Kompany said: “We play adjoin United in a difficult ambience as it’s a affable but never could I play this bold as a friendly.

“The capital activity is to analyze the derby activity so it will be aggressive abounding but at above time we get what we allegation out of it as it’s pre-season.”

Kompany addressed questions about his exercise arch on afterwards he suffered a disrupted 2016/17 campaign.

The skipper said: “The capital acumen I’m still actuality is because I never doubted myself, not for one second.

“Every time I alpha again, I access the activity I will never be afflicted again. I’m positive, motivated, and if you play with these affectionate of players you alone access to accent at yourself to apperceive if you are at the adapted level.

“I’ve formed hard, humans about me access me better, because of this ambiance I can accent advanced to assay and admonition team.”

He added: “I’d like to anticipate I can still improve, even if I don’t play, just by watching the guys play, active to manager, I feel like I access improved.

“You can’t let abhorrence appear into it. You train, you play, you are managed by humans about you, I’d adopt to access something actually bad appear on angle than change who I am. The day that happens I’ll agitate easily with anybody and be beholden for the experience.

“People access to assurance my judgement on this now. I‘ve had too abounding injuries, I’m not a doctor but afterwards the diplomas I’m apparently as abutting as you can be to it!”

Meanwhile, Kompany has been afflicted with new boy Kyle Walker so far.

“The ancient activity you apprehension is his attitude to training was animate and convalescent – I’d like to anticipate he’ll beforehand again and admonition ability the next level.

“He can go advanced with pace, he can admonition us defensively too – a acceptable combination.”

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